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Rosaryhill School – Spiritual Education
Rosaryhill School – Spiritual Education

Rosaryhill School

We implement Spiritual Education through a holistic whole school approach in various aspects of school life. Academic, Student Development and Affection & Attitude, are infused into everyday school life with inspiring and soul-enriching learning experiences. In 2016, a number of environment-related initiatives have been planned for all classes including the Spiritual Zone, Class Banner, Class Plants, Mindful School Bell and 5-minutes Meditation Time.

Spiritual Education does not always require big action. We have used our daily events in school to teach students mindfulness. In fact, mindfulness facilitates our moment-to-moment awareness of body, mind and spirit. In the beginning of the each school day, students learn to breathe mindfully, express gratitude and pray together in the morning assembly. We practice silence during the Meditation Time in the afternoon, so that students’ readiness for the afternoon classes can be enhanced. In the beginning of every lesson, two class mindful masters, who are also students, ring the mindful bell and say the intention, to reinforce students’ positive learning attitudes.

Besides, taking care of class plants is a significant part of students’ school life. Students have formed a routine of checking on the growth of the class plants and at the same time, they can appreciate the joy of their own spiritual growth with their classmates. Students’ curiosity, creativity and spirituality are therefore inspired by these daily practices.

Different subjects have also integrated Spiritual Education elements into their S.1 and S.2 curriculum. For example, the Chinese and English Language Department have designed lessons that teach students vocabulary and expression relating to different emotions, so that students can reflect upon their inner feelings and thoughts with a rich vocabulary bank. Moreover, our S.1 and S.2 students have been introduced to specially-designed “Mindfulness Lessons”, so that they can explore and experience how mindfulness can help them grow.

Rosaryhill’s Spiritual Education echoes our vision that every child at Rosaryhill is a sprouting seed with the potential to bear fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control – qualities that all persons should possess in the eyes of God.

Our students were thrilled when Mr. Olivier d’Agay, the grand-nephew of the renowned author Antoine de Saint-Exupery, who wrote the beloved story The Little Prince, visited our school and shared the positive values mentioned in the book. He also emphasized the importance of peace and encouraged our students to spread love and care through creative artworks. The sharing has broadened our students’ horizons and touched their souls.


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